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Review 2017 – View 2018

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REVIEW 2017 – VIEW 2018

Dear Friends, Family and Followers,

2017 was a year for getting more aware and conscious about the energy flow which is current active on this planet.

I have seen some strange things and at the same time it didn’t surprise me.

Fake news, fake people, fake reality to make us doubt about who we really are and also to create confusion about the truth. I think it’s still very strange that mainstream media, corporate business and government act different then we humans like to do. By being honest and telling the truth you can raise yourself from a lower into a higher form of energy.

To raise, as a collective, into a higher frequency to transform our planet into a sustainable platform for our common future

When we learn and understand the universal laws it becomes more clear what our role is on planet earth, we have to activate our Collective Consciousness and filter the energy flow. To raise, as a collective, into a higher frequency to transform our planet into a sustainable platform for our common future.

2017 was a year for taking care, volunteer work and taking care of friends who were traveling and needed a place to stay. I have hosted around ten friends here in Amsterdam and while I was traveling I have met many more. And when I look back I can say it was quite an experience. I became more aware about being vegan (as some of my friends are) and even managed to get a big compliment for the different vegan meals I made for my friends. We’ve had a lot of conscious conversations and I have managed to synchronize more and more with the energy I personal feel comfortable with.

Synchronize with the people around you who make you feel happy

2018 started tranquillo (sabai sabai), I would advise you to do so. Take some time for yourself and go back to nature, family or friends. Synchronize with the people around you who make you feel happy. Find the real you inside yourself, it’s not necessary to fill up our emptiness with the things we don’t have or need, but fill it up with the qualities you already possess. Grow your personal qualities, interest, intuition, consciousness and love for other people and become the person you’re supposed to be.

Thanks to you all for making this all possible. I’m grateful to you for being part of my life and looking forward to synchronize the visions, consciousness and energy we share together!

From Amsterdam with Conscious and Synchronized Love ~ E ❤️

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