Review 2016 – View 2017

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REVIEW 2016 – VIEW 2017

Dear Friends, Family and Followers,

2016 was a year for taking care of personal situations. Closing old books to open new ones. Letting go to receive something new, various or even the same energy with a different kind of meaning.

Meanwhile I worked to improve my website, making digital artworks, did a school art project with the students of Goois Lyceum and taking care of friends and family.

2016 was a beautiful year: Thailand, Friends, Temples, Website, From Moscow With Love, Street Art, Magic Stones, Good Vibes, Changing Energy, Open, Reflection Time, Austrian Connection, Intensity, Love, Sun, Consciousness Conversations and a lot of intense memories.


2017 started with Cosmic Fireworks and we had an amazing experience,…one I’ll never forget!! The year is new and open for change in positive direction, let’s see where it will take us all!

Thanks to you all for making this possible and specially to YOU! Best wishes and BE(COME) who you are!

From Amsterdam with Cosmic Love ~ E ❤️

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