Review 2015

Review 2015

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Dear Friends, Family and Followers,

After two expositions in 2015 (Explore Your Illusion I/II) its time to make a new beginning in 2016.

My next exposition will be different and I will not use the canvas prints anymore. This is a chance for you to make me an offer I cannot refuse and make the artwork on canvas yours.

2015 was a beautiful year: Austria, Expositions, Pressbaum, Hip, Sun, Vienna, Vega, Mountains, Spain, Camping, Birds, Italy, Forrest, French, Flights, Rivers, Helping, Crete, Love, Share, Friends, Parties, Heurige, Fruit, Bussum, Family, The Farm, Amsterdam, High Energy, Waterfalls, Deep Connections, Consciousness and a lot of intense memories. Thanks to all and specially to you!

Best wishes and BE or/and COME who you are! See you back in 2016!

From Amsterdam with Love! ~ E


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