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Dear Friends, Family and Followers,

In the beginning of September I have started an art project Artshield Gooise Meren together with the students of Goois Lyceum in Bussum.

Parallel to this project I also created a new ‘Gemeentewapen’ (read ‘Artshield’) for the new created district Gooise Meren, wich is a federation of Muiden, Muiderberg, Naarden and Bussum.

This Artshield contains different aspects from the cities of Gooise Meren:

➡️✨ azure blue and silver from the city Muiden
➡️✨ yellow and the eagle from the city Naarden
➡️✨ buckwheat grain from the city Bussum
➡️✨ azure blue from the cities Bussum and Muiderberg

Project Artshield Goois Lyceum

All Artshields are created for inspiration, inspiration to design an Artshield which satisfies all the people from ‘Gooise Meren’.

Enjoy this art project!

From Amsterdam with Love! ~ E


Follow these links for more information:

Project Artshield Goois Lyceum – Art Project Goois Lyceum

District Gooise Meren – Gooise Meren

Facebook –

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