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DIGITAL ART AMSTERDAM - Project Artshield Goois Lyceum

➡️📸✨ Making photos with the students in the different cities

➡️🚴✨ Bussum, Muiden, Muiderberg en Naarden

➡️✏️✨ All drawings are ideas from the students

➡️👀✨ There’s a lot of beautiful nature to see in Gooise Meren

➡️😅✨ At least 40 kilometers we have biked

➡️☀️✨ It was a beautiful day with temperatures up till 25’C

➡️🖼️✨ The students photos were very good to create the Artshield

➡️🤓✨ I noticed that the students were eager to learn in our several sessions together

➡️🙏✨ Special thanks goes to the teachers of Goois Lyceum, who made this all possible

➡️🍦✨ We had to make ice-cream stops on the way

➡️🔎✨ Many details were photographed during our trip

➡️🏰✨ Serious times in the city hall

➡️✨ Finishing the art project Artshield Goois Lyceum

⬇️✨ And here’s the final result ⬇️

Digital Art Amsterdam - Project Artshield Goois Lyceum

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