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Dear Friends, Family and Followers,

In the beginning of September 2016 I have started an art project Artshield Gooise Meren together with the students of Goois Lyceum in Bussum.

The purpose of this art project is to help the students to create an Artshield for the new created district Gooise Meren, which is a federation of Muiden, Muiderberg, Naarden and Bussum.

In four steps we will create and present the Artshield:

➡️📸 taking photos of the different cities
➡️📱 editing the photos on your phone with Adobe Photoshop Express
➡️🛡️ design the Artshield
➡️🏛️ present it to the city hall of Gooise Meren

We started biking in Bussum with the students and teachers. It was a beautiful, sunny day and after biking through Naarden, Muiderberg and Muiden we arrived back in Bussum. During the bike ride we made several stops to take photos of the different cities and for ice-creams.

Edit, create, explain and showing the process

After working together with the students, editing the photos, creating ideas for the Artshield (click here to enter photo gallery) we came up with final result:

The next step was to look for a location to share the Artshield with as many as possible people. Uplifting the old clock and located at the public train Station Naarden-Bussum with a lot of daily visitors (and/or travelers) it would be nice to install the Artshield here.

The Artshield was ready to present it to the city hall of Gooise MerenAfter the presentation we had a few more conversations to answer several questions from the board members of Gooise Meren and other things to consider before placing the Artshield in a public area.

Research, location and video-update by Nonja Voorhaar

Unveiling the Artshield at Goois Lyceum

The Artshield in the end couldn’t be placed on the designated location and we moved to our alternative location. It was placed in the Goois Lyceum and there the Artshield found its place between her creators and everyday visible for all of the students, teachers and visitors from Goois Lyceum.

Enjoy this art project!

From Amsterdam Gooise Meren with Love ~ Erwin ❤️

Feel free to take a look to all the pictures made during the process: Gallery Goois Lyceum – Gooise Meren

Parallel to this project I also created a new Gemeentewapen (read Artshield) for the new district Gooise Meren.

Follow these links for more information ⬇️

Photo gallery –

Instagram –

Youtube channel students Goois Lyceum- Bussum Vlog G&O

Project Artshield Gooise Meren – Gemeentewapen Gooise Meren

With special thanks to ⬇️

The students of Goois Lyceum –

Nonja Voorhaar –

Historische Kring Bussum –

Gemeente Gooise Meren –

Paul Brand – Photo & Video credits

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